Blue Planet Mission

ABOUT Francisco Villate

Francisco Villate
Rhal Zahi (legal name Francisco Villate) is a writer, painter, illustrator, UFO investigator, Amateur Astronomer, Coach, IT Project Manager, and Change Management Practitioner. He has a wide set of skills and knowledge from the artistic to the technical field. He has been a University Teac More...


This is not a message to convince the skeptical but a wake-up call for the sleeping.

This fiction novel describes the extraterrestrial aid mission to Earth. It is a fantasy book containing 134 pages, showing the vision of our society from an extraterrestrial point of view that came to Earth in a mission to wake up one of his colleagues, Zendor, that has lost all of his memories about his original purpose.

By reading Blue Planet Mission we'll learn to look beyond appearances, to embrace life in all its manifestations, and we'll approach our existence from a different perspective, in this transit in which we, all human beings, are immersed now.