Universe in Despair: Stories (Inverted Universe)

Universe in Despair: Stories (Inverted Universe)

ABOUT Jonathin Sauve

Jonathin Sauve



You won't look like yourself when the light turns on.

The ravages of fear, time and insanity are explored across 10 stories of twisted sci fi horror. Readers will enter dark corners of suffering beyond our reality.

In DISCO LIGHTS, a mysterious door is opened and the invisible denizens of another universe spill through.

In THE STRETCH, a scout ship visits an unknown object floating in space and discovers the haunted wreckage of the past.

In SUPER-SOUND, a woman is awakened in the distant future by the voice of a glitched AI. She has no memory of the mission she must complete, or what has happened to her world.

In HIDDEN IN NOWHERE, humankind devolves into intangibility.

These stories and more can be found in the pages of UNIVERSE IN DESPAIR.