16 Gifts from a Stepmom: Encouragement for the Blended Family Journey (Grace Daily Marriage and Family Series)

16 Gifts from a Stepmom: Encouragement for the Blended Family Journey (Grace Daily Marriage and Family Series)

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Sharilee Swaity



Written Just For Stepmoms

Are you looking for ways to connect with the new kid in your life, the one you didn’t birth but now find yourself taking care of? Are you a “parent by marriage?” Do you find that this child feels more like a stranger than part of your family, even though you now share the same name and the same address (at least on weekends?) 

If so, welcome to the club, the growing club of stepmothers, women who are brave enough to take on someone else’s kids. No one said it would be easy, and you aren’t expecting that but maybe just a little bit easier? Sometimes, it’s hard to even know where to start. How do you connect with children who don’t seem to even want you around? Maybe you feel it’s hardly even worth trying? 

But what if you could understand the reason behind the anger you sense sometimes? What if you could see things from their point-of-view, and start to develop strategies for reaching out to children who are probably still hurting from their previous losses? What if you could develop a lifestyle of reaching out and building connections in an easy, non-threatening manner? What if you could learn gifts that you have to give that can develop the relationship one block at a time? 

The author of Happily Ever After Again: Hope, Healing & Love for Second Marriages, brings another well-researched, heart-felt book written just for stepmothers. With years working in challenging classrooms, this former classroom teacher brings her unique blend of tough love and generous encouragement to her fellow stepmoms. Backed up with studies and examples, Swaity outlines simple ways to reach out and make a difference in your stepfamily’s life. 

The book also includes several free downloads, including one that gives 24 creative ideas to do with kids and another that shares conversation starters for talking with children and teens. 

To receive a generous dose of encouragement and practical help, be sure to grab your copy of 16 Gifts from a Stepmom: Encouragement for Your Blended Family Journey today.