Who Let the Cookies Out? (Grandma's Stories)

Children's Books

By Mrs.D. Olga Dagostino

Publisher : MrsDBooks LLC

Who Let the Cookies Out? (Grandma's Stories)

ABOUT Mrs.D. Olga Dagostino

Mrs.D. Olga Dagostino
Mrs. D. (Olga D’Agostino), award-winnig children's author, grew up in western Ukraine as the daughter of a forest ranger. Inspired by the beauty of nature, she loved to write stories and poems in her native language and dreamed of becoming a writer. She finished Lviv business college and More...



Not your normal cookies!
Who doesn‛t like cookies, especially cookies that will
take you on a tasty but nutty adventure?This delicious story begins in Grandma‛s kitchen when she decides to surprise her grandson‛s pre-K with holiday cookies. But little did she know what a mess her nutty cookies would create at her grandson‛s school. They just can‛t resist being nuts!
This scrumptious tale proves the old saying that we‛re all made from the same “dough,” but a few “nuts” can spoil the batch.
Brace yourself for a yummy book that will keep your giggles coming with every page you turn!

This story is based on the author’s grandson’s cookie story. It begins in Grandma’s kitchen when she decides to surprise her grandson’s pre-K class with some Christmas cookies. She begins with a basic butter cookie recipe. Grandma gets a bit carried away. She continues baking seven batches of cookies, each a variation on the original recipe. There are vanilla, sprinkle, glitter, mint and chocolate chip cookies. Just when she thought that she had run out of ingredients to add, Grandma spies some nuts and decides to add them to the dough.
While all the previous batches or cookies argued over which was best, the nut cookies go crazy and run out the door. Soon they are at the school wreaking havoc in the classroom, the lunchroom, the computer room, and the library. How will the teachers bring them under control? Will Grandma decide to stop baking cookies? Could be the beginning of a brand-new book series…
This beautifully illustrated book is a fun bedtime or read aloud story for preschoolers and kindergarten children. After reading, children will have the opportunity to make their own cookies at home with the included recipe.