Hold Yer Horses, Pardner!

Children's Books

By Cody Spencer

Publisher : Insight Dynamite

ABOUT Cody Spencer

Cody Spencer
Hello, I am Cody Spencer. I am 13 years old, and this is my debut as an author. I hope that you find reading this book as much fun as I found writing it! Even when I was very young, I loved books, especially when they had cool pictures. My goal for this story is to teach children the valua More...



Clever rhymes and colorful illustrations that work together to create a “fun for the whole family” story about two cowboys. During their adventure they meet characters that help them learn not to make assumptions and jump to a conclusion before having all the facts. Kids will love Jake & Jed and want to read their story over and over.

I wrote this book as part of my city’s young entrepreneurs’ program (YEA). I really love writing, so I thought a book would be a great project.