Pieces: The Broken Lives Of Many People

Pieces: The Broken Lives Of Many People

ABOUT David A Hatch

David A Hatch
David Hatch is the writer of the books, “Pieces, The Broken Lives of Many People” “No More Pain Truth About Children Who Grew up In Abusive Families” “Teens Speaking Out Are You Listening?”, “The Hundred Fifty-Three (153)”. The writer of the musical plays: “The Will To Su More...



There was a cool crispness in the air that indicated winter was coming very soon. It was too soon for Keirra because Christmas would be here shortly. Keirra remembered when the Christmas season was a joyful and exciting time. She looked forward to unwrapping all those gifts and anticipated she would soon be seeing all the favorite toys she had dreamed about. Christmas for Kierra was always so wonderful. She seemed to exist in a different world back then.