Stolen Dreams

General Fiction

By Karen Cogan

Publisher : Avalon Books

ABOUT Karen Cogan

Karen Cogan
I've enjoyed writing articles and stories for years. Now, I write novels and love it!  I am a native of Texas and now live in New Mexico. I have a myriad of pets, teach in a public school, and love the outdoors. My husband is a professional artist and we have just experienced the birth  More...


Melinda was rescued as an infant from a massacre at her Indian village. Though blessed with a loving home, she had to struggle for acceptance. 


Her experience at school left her scarred and craving approval that went beyond the color of her skin and the cultural bias of 1860's west. She always found such acceptance and friendship from the boy who lived on the neighboring ranch. As they mature from youth to young adults they must discover if the special feelings they have for each other will withstand Melinda's insecurity and Will's ambition to become a doctor.