Never What it Seems

Never What it Seems

ABOUT Diane Martin

Diane Martin
Mrs. Diane Martin was born in Chicago, Illinois and currently lives in the Chicago-land area. She earned her Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree from Chicago State University.



Never What it Seems is the story of Dee Wellington and AJ Madison, two women who were born in Chicago, and much like the city; their lives are anything, but ordinary. Dee grew up in a dysfunctional household that by today’s standards would be considered completely ‘normal’. Trying to cope with life’s complexities, Dee contributes all of life’s changes to God’s will. Throughout the changes in her life, she resists the urge to disrupt the balance of things unless she really has to. On the other hand, there is AJ Madison who is a rambunctious, intelligent, and outgoing character who lives by her own standards and believes that you get what you give. Both, Dee and AJ grew-up trying to maneuver in systems created to breakdown the human spirit. Readers will find a familiarity in their struggles, their desires, and their will to overcome.

***Adult Content

Dear Ms. Martin,
I received an autographed copy of your book Never What It Seems from my boyfriend Rick Berglund.  I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this book!  It usually takes me weeks, sometimes months, to finish a book.  However once I started reading Never What It Seems, I had a hard time putting it down!  I loved all the twists and suprises each page brought! I hope you continue writing and look forward to reading your other books. I find your writing style exciting, yet easily understood.
Thank you!
-Wendy DeGroot

I just finished reading [Never What it Seems]. Let me tell you, she hit a homerun with that story. It's about finding and losing love, child abuse, abandonment, overcoming obstacles and succeeding, and a couple of drop-your-jaw surprises that I won't divulge.

Hope everyone buys a copy.

- Edwina Putney

I purchased your book [Never What it Seems] and once I completed it…WOW! This was a great book and I couldn't put it down until I was finished. I passed the book on to my daughter-in-law and she thought the same thing.  Keep up the good work. I'll be looking for more to come. 

- Beverly Price