Johnny Green and the Little Green Man

Children's Books

By Suzan Tyler Decker

Publisher : Xlibris

ABOUT Suzan Tyler Decker

Suzan Tyler Decker
I'm a self-published author of environmentally friendly books for children ages 4 to 8.  The first in the series is about recycling for children.  Johnny Green and the Little Green Man was published December 2009 and is available for purchase through Xlibris, on my website, also on Amaz More...



One day, after school, Johnny falls asleep in a green field only to be awakened by a little green man.  The little green man tells Johnny how he got lost from the recycling center and asks if he can help him find his way back.  Johnny says, "But I am just a BOY, I don't know how to get there."  The little green man convinces him to take him to his house to help him find the way.  Over the next few days Johnny learns a lesson in a BIG way on recycling from the little green man and how recycling can help to save our green earth.

Johnny Green faces a considerable challenge when he brings home a little man he meets in a field claiming he is lost from the recycling center.

“What a “green” and delightful first book from author, Suzan Decker. She understands children and recycling and the change for good it can do for the land we love. She knows that what has been said on the subject is still not enough. The vocabulary is valuable and I like the illustrations and the size of the book for children and their parents to share.



Of course, we all love dreaming and imaginary friends. Keep an eye out for her next adventure into environmental information. What a fun journey. “



Ann Masters

Executive Director of Clean Valley Council, Roanoke, VA