The Ginger Bread Man

General Fiction

By Dominic Villari

Publisher : Figment Press

The Ginger Bread  Man

ABOUT Dominic Villari

Dominic Villari
Dominic R. Villari was born in Riverside, New Jersey in 1971. He studied communications and multimedia at Rider College and Boston University. In these formidable years he was heavily influenced by the writing of South American magical realists such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Jorge Borg More...



The Ginger Bread Man is the story of a young man's journey of self-transformation from mediocrity to magic. After leaving an unfulfilling office job, a seemingly chance meeting with a Baker sets his life on a new course.
Through the guidance and tutelage of this mysterious yet dedicated man, Jacob learns the simplicity and enchantment of baking. Along the way he finds love, meets new people and even invents a new type of gingerbread cookie. Through baking, Jacob discovers magic in his everyday life.