ABOUT Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola

Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola
Her Royal Highness Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola of Nigeria, a professional storyteller for over 20 years gives lots of lessons and lots of laughs in her wonderful tales. Get her latest children's book "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince" by going to www.wix.com/princessayo/theaf More...


'Tunde is the son of a Nigerian King. He is a very bright boy and catches the eye of an American missionary. The missionary wants 'Tunde to attend school, but his father, the King, is initially against it. But the missionary is peristent and eventually 'Tunde gets to go to school. He grows up to become a doctor and my dad. 

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This book is dedicated to my two children Ricky and Tare, now 30 and 26, who when they were little and growing up in America, needed a story about Grandpa, my dad, who still lived in Nigeria and whom they didn't see very often. They enjoyed hearing about Nigeria and how Grandpa grew up in the town of Egbe, as the son of the King of Egbe. The stories became this book, the first in a series of seven about Tunde, their grandpa, and his escapades as a little boy, showing that children are basically the same around the world.

I am looking at the cover of my copy of 'Tunde The Little Nigerian Prince, and thinking it is fun to know another author who likes to do the illustrations as well as the written copy.  ...a few have said, "Is that amateur art work?"  To which I reply, "The word amateur comes from the Latin word Amo which means love.  An amateur is one who loves what he or she is doing."