The Adventures of Sailor Sam

Children's Books

By Angela Cater

Publisher : Tabby Cat Press

ABOUT Angela Cater

Angela Cater
Angela Cater has been painting cats and animals all of her life and is largely self-taught.  Since 2006, she has self-published, written and illustrated 3 children's picture books, and illustrated a fourth in collaboration with Canadian writer, Giovanna Lagana. As a mature student, she to More...


Tigger the farm cat is forced to leave home due to a misunderstanding.  A group of sailors take pity on him and he begins a new life on board ship as 'Sailor Sam'.  Some of the sailors do not understand that cats are nocturnal and start to grumble that Sam is lazy.  To prove them wrong, he decides to steer the ship at the night to speed them to their destination.  Alas, cats are not famed for their map-reading skills and his actions have humorous and unexpected consequences.  Where will the ship end up and will Sam be forgiven?