Under Man's Spell

Under Man's Spell


JK Muta
I'm the author of Among Us and Under Man's Spell. Under Man's Spell is my latest book, it came out in July 09.



HelpAge International estimates that as many as 1,000 witchcraft related killings occur in Tanzania annually which includes old women, albinos and undesirables. It is in this world Under Man's Spell is set.
Children are forced to marry older men so that their fathers can get the dowry. Both young girls and women are rapped and there are no effective laws to protect them. Some people decide that old women with red eyes are witches and so they burn them to death. Traditional healers and witch doctors tell people that they can make them rich if they will bring albino body parts to them, which make people go hunting for albinos and kill them for their body parts.
Inspired by true events.

Excerpt: Three guys ran forward and attacked her together. Abe swung her knife and got at least two of them, but that did not stop them. They pushed her into the house and almost stepped on her as they entered the house. She got up quickly and ran to where the baby was crying. She grabbed the baby and clung to her. They tried to pull the baby from her but they couldn't. More men went in and dragged her and the baby out. When people got a glance of the baby some ran away, but many of the others started throwing stones at Abe and the baby. They kept throwing the stones at them until they were motionless. They then took firewood and pushed them back into the house before setting it on fire....................