Hero Wanted

ABOUT Dan McGirt

Dan McGirt
Dan McGirt is the author of the Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series, beginning with Hero Wanted. When not writing, he enjoys travel, hiking, kayaking, reading, and spending too much time on the internet.


First in the rollicking Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series by Dan McGirt.Jason Cosmo is a humble woodcutter in Lower Hicksnittle—until a stranger tries to kill him, claiming there is a huge price on Jason's head. With Arden's best bounty hunters on his trail, Jason must dodge mercenaries, Demon Lords, and the sinister Dark Magic Society as he seeks to learn the truth. Jason's madcap quest takes him from the realm of The Gods to the depths of the Incredibly Dark Forest—and into a final confrontation with the forces of evil. Followed by an even more final showdown. And then a sort of wrapping up loose ends scene. If he lives that long...