Merlin's Crystal (complete trilogy)

Children's Books, Young Adult

By Frances Pawley

Publisher : Diadem Books

Merlin's Crystal (complete trilogy)

ABOUT Frances Pawley

Frances Pawley
Frances Pawley was born in Leicester in 1948 and writing from an early age.  Her first payment for writing came at 13 when she received the princely sum of 10/- (50p) for a short story.  Although winning a number of competitions she was never able to get into the 'adult' market with a no More...


For children from 12 to 112! 

Based in Cornwall in 1999/2001, Merlin's Crystal tells the story of Sylvie (12) and her brother Josh (13) who go to spend the school holidays with their aunt and uncle at their Manor House in Cornwall.  They take along their best friend Tom (14).
The Manor House is called Manor Parsley and there are strange goings on right from the start.  A portrait changes, a tunnel, a cave, mysterious keys, a secret passage, unexplained noises and happenings and a jewel encrusted book that nobody can read.
The Beast of The Moor is sighted and it's looking for someone special to take charge of the Crystal it protects. What are the secrets of the Crystal, the house and its previous occupants; the disabled boy and his spiteful sister?
At the total eclipse, four people stand like statues on the beach, each blessed by the wishes of the Crystal...and a special child is born exactly nine months later during a Grand Planetary Alignment, on the darkest night in living memory.

Who is the occupant of the grave on the land?
What is the secret of the locked room?
Who is the aged Professor who seeks Sylvie out to show her the way?
Who does the bejewelled gauntlet belong to?
A little girl lies dying in a hospital bed; her dearest wish to see snow for the first time in her life, will her dream come true?
Does the long dead Captain return for the woman he loved, on the night of the New Year's Ball?
And ghostly horsemen arrive through the mists of time, from the sea, onto the beach, carrying the red dragon banner of King Arthur's Court!
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Mainly because numerous people all over the country have observed sightings of wild cats. Pumas, Panthers, etc., but nobody has been able to photograph them. The idea came to me that I could write a story for children from 12 to 112, explaining why they are here. Hope you enjoy the book.

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