Alternate Space

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Ron Albea

Publisher : Publish America

Alternate Space

ABOUT Ron Albea

Ron Albea
Ron Albea is the author of a series of diverse fiction novels. Each story has been written to be read in about the same time it takes to watch a movie. The stories will draw you in and move you in some way, just a good old fashoned Southern yarn. No, there's no vulgarity or political views More...



  Alternate Space is a story that came to me in a dream. It is a story about a young, very intelligent Princeton graduate. The story begins on graduation day. After graduation, he accepts his first job as a scientist for a company in Atlanta, Ga.

   The story centers on his duties in the lab and a new (non graphic) romance. He has this 'special' lab experiment that he is trying to perfect from his college days. It is not part of the office routine, and is quickly banned as not being financially marketable. He is soon labeled by his colleagues as a little eccentric. So, he has to continue this experiment at night, in secrecy. As lab work goes, he has numerous failures. His breakthrough comes from a very unexpected place.

   The story highlights this very exciting part of his young life and the discovery he finally makes.