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By Mark Levy

Publisher : AUTHOR HOUSE


ABOUT Mark Levy

Mark Levy
Mark Stephen Levy just released his first novel, OVERLAND, a travel/adventure love story of historical proportions.

Mark was a worker bee, but yearned to travel. He went to bookstores to research his trip. He bought an India travel guide and absorbed it as if it were a page tur More...



After Danny Benson finishes medical school he wants nothing more than to start his residency and settle down to marry his fiancée, Heather. But on the day of his final exam, Danny receives a letter.
The engagement is off. Heather's baffling explanation: she's going to London where she will travel overland on the Magic Bus to Kathmandu.
His plans shattered, Danny finds himself on a journey thousands of miles from home, in search of the woman he loves. When he discovers her on a bus somewhere east of Europe the reunion is less than stellar. They spend the entire ride to Afghanistan debating whether to stay together or break up forever.
Now, arriving in Kabul, exhausted from their long bus trip, fate will decide their dispute for them. The following day, December 27th, 1979, the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan.
What happens next is their moment of truth as Danny and Heather collide with history.

I was a worker bee, but yearned to travel. I went to bookstores to research my trip. I bought an India travel guide and absorbed it as if it were a page turning novel. I read that the monsoon season ended in India the end of August. It was May 30th when I left the US, and spent three months in Europe, just biding my time, while having the time of my life.

On my birthday, August 16, at age 32, I flew to India. A mishap caused my backpack to not make the flight on a brief transit stop from Sri Lanka to Southern India. I spent two frustrating hours in the Trivandrum airport lining up my backpack with hopes it would show up a few days later.

Resigned to the fact that there was nothing I could do, I took my  trusty India guide and asked an auto rickshaw driver take me to the Hotel Blue Sea. As I was whisked through the balmy palm lined, slow paced, exotic streets, I completely forgot about my backpack. In that moment, my life had changed forever.