Hello, my name is James

General Fiction

By R.M. Hamilton

Publisher : Blue Planet Publishing

ABOUT R.M. Hamilton

R.M. Hamilton
R.M. Hamilton is a lifelong resident of the Chicagoland metropolitan area. In 1994, he graduated from Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois. R.M. has worked in the printing/graphic arts industry for over 14 years. He currently resides in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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James Schilling is a twenty-something man trying to find his way in life. The one great thing in his life is his best friend Frank. He has his back in any situation. James wants more out of his boring ordinary life. When a situation arises at work, he decides to make more out of his current life to be someone. While searching for his life's true calling a family issue unfolds. He decides to track down his estranged father who had left him when he was ten years old. James must decide to fix his past or let it be. He struggles with work, his family, and a possible new relationship at the same time trying to figure out where his life will lead him. Will he find love? Can he track down the man who had left him at an early age? Most of all will James discover who he is truly meant to be in his life?

 4/5 Stars

James Schilling is what's commonly known as a "loveable loser": he's a pretty decent guy, but he's not a hit with the ladies, and his job doesn't exactly cause him to jump out of bed in excitement every morning. Things soon change for James, though, when he gets a layoff scare at work one day, leading him to re-evaluate his life and think long and hard about how to make it better. Eventually, he decides to reconnect with his absentee father - who long ago abandoned him and his mother - in an effort to reconnect with his past and fill the lingering emptiness he feels inside...little does James know, though, he can hardly prepare himself for what the surprises of his future hold in store.

In Hello, My Name Is James, author R.M. Hamilton has created the quintessential everyman in James Schilling. Readers of all ages are sure to identify with James' personal quest, as well as relate to his various struggles with identity, fulfillment, and ultimate inner peace. Written in an easygoing, straightforward style, Hamilton's tale unfolds at just the right pace, aptly chronicling the personal and professional metamorphosis that James undergoes. As such, his transformation can serve as inspiration for readers who may find themselves trapped in similar circumstances, on a perpetual quest for personal liberation.

A pleasantly enjoyable read, Hello, My Name Is James will surprise the reader with its powerful, not-so-subtle message regarding the rewards of taking life by the reins and forging your own destiny. If Hamilton's narrative inspires more people to do the same, true happiness in life will no longer remain as elusive as commonly thought.

Linda Waterson
Apex Reviews