Theodore Da Baer II, A New Beginning

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By AJ Rodriguez

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Theodore Da Baer II, A New Beginning

ABOUT AJ Rodriguez

AJ Rodriguez
I am a Louisiana motivational storyteller/author. Currently I have 5 books out.  Theodore Da Baer, Theodore Da Baer II, A New Beginning, Theodore Da Baer III, Wizards and Other Tales, Cycle of Life and A Cajun Crawfish Tale.

I run a program called One Angel at a Time  wherein  More...



The excitement continues in this second series of Theodore and Taylor's adventures. Join them as they begin to train the new apprentice wizards and face many battles with the evil wizards  who are trying to keep them from fulfilling their destiny. Learn how to capture a leprechaun and find out how they earn the money they hide.  Meet the Tooth Fairy and learn her secrets of how she knows whom to visit and how she earns the money she leaves.  The trolls, fairies and alterers, too, are all waiting to share their secrets with you. Do not delay not one minute more it is time to enter the magical door.

This is a continuation of the tales from my first book. My intentions were to write one book then stop. As children began to read my books they asked for more stories, so I began to write more magical tales. Theodore's teddy baer hugs and magical wishes are making their way around the country.