Theodore Da Baer III, Wizards and Other Tales

Children's Books

By AJ Rodriguez

Publisher : Publish America

Theodore Da Baer III, Wizards and Other Tales

ABOUT AJ Rodriguez

AJ Rodriguez
I am a Louisiana motivational storyteller/author. Currently I have 5 books out.  Theodore Da Baer, Theodore Da Baer II, A New Beginning, Theodore Da Baer III, Wizards and Other Tales, Cycle of Life and A Cajun Crawfish Tale.

I run a program called One Angel at a Time  wherein  More...



The excitement continues in the third book in the series of Theodore and Taylor's adventures.What great adventures await our wizards? Join Taylor and Theodore as they do battle with the evil wizards, witches and fairies that are trying to keep them from fulfilling their destiny.Learn why dogs chase cats and why canaries are yellow.Follow Theodore and Taylor as they learn many ancient secrets an discover new worlds.  The times is passing quickly, bringing our wizards closer and closer to their destiny. Join them now and you will see in these adventures is where you should be.

Since writing these books I have began to visit schools and share my stories and am now known as a storyteller. In the last three years we have been invited to have appeared in eleven different states and have shared my stories with over 30,000 children.