A Cajun Crawfish Tale

Children's Books

By AJ Rodriguez

Publisher : Author House

A Cajun Crawfish Tale

ABOUT AJ Rodriguez

AJ Rodriguez
I am a Louisiana motivational storyteller/author. Currently I have 5 books out.  Theodore Da Baer, Theodore Da Baer II, A New Beginning, Theodore Da Baer III, Wizards and Other Tales, Cycle of Life and A Cajun Crawfish Tale.

I run a program called One Angel at a Time¬† wherein  More...



A Cajun Crawfish Tale is a delightful story about two simple crawfishermen and their unusual adventures with a magical crawfish. come and join Boudreaux and Badeaux as they do a battle of wits with a magical crawfish and are taught a very valuable lesson.

The cajun spirit can only be described as uplifting. I wanted to share some of the fun of living in Louisiana with the world and hopefully was able to do that with this funny tale.