The Story: A Song of Silver Crow

ABOUT Charles Silver Crow

Charles Silver Crow
Part Native American and part Scandinavian/Celtic mix, the world of the white man knows him as Charlie. His Native American name is Sanyasuk Andekshkwe in the Algonquin language of his ancestors (Potawatomi)... or Silver Crow, as his family and friends know him. Writer, artist and mys More...



Lavishly illustrated in a large 8.5 x 11 inch soft cover format, The Story: A Song of Silver Crow is the narrative of a descendent of Indian and White ancestors, a man raised and educated in the prevailing White Man’s society... yet schooled in the ways of the Red Man by his Native American grandfather.


Charlie Silver Crow is given to utilizing a variety of spiritual disciplines in his commitment to assisting the world around him heal and transform, including A Course in Miracles... often turning to "the book" for insight and inspiration. Hip to the living conditions of Twenty First Century America and of a mystical and intuitive bent, Silver Crow recognizes he’s being drawn into a quest that will eventually aid in resolving his personal inner conflicts and those of the two races of his origin... presenting the world with a new paradigm for life; a new understanding of the transcendental nature of truth.

Aware of First Nation legends of a pale-skinned healer who had walked among “the People”, Silver Crow has long held this teacher of peace and forgiveness in great respect. A revered part of their history, the legend has been passed thru oral tradition by storytellers from generation to generation within his and many other tribes on both continents. He realizes why, upon first encounter with the White Man, the Indians found the Gospels of the Apostles to be familiar... even comforting.


The Story is the tale of elemental wisdom, inspiration and optimism that takes the reader from a cottage on a small lake in the backwoods of Wisconsin to Jerusalem, the spiritual heart of three of the world’s great religions... and beyond. Packed with intrigue adventure and mayhem, the pace is sensuous, engrossing and rich in detail, often filled with rational conjecture and verifiable yet little known fact. Secret societies like the Illuminati and the Knights Templar run a dark current of opposition to the quest, seeking to gain control of or destroy the prize being sought by Silver Crow, his client Timothy and their cohorts along the way.

My intention in writing the book was to incorporate my Native American heritage and interest in metaphysics into a theme that had the impact of the Celestine Prophecy and the global intrigue of the DaVinci Code, adding A Course in Miracles in the spin... In many ways I believe that all the characters exist, perhaps in some undiscovered parallel universe. As the storyline started to unfold I observed that my attention would be drawn to something that randomly occurred around me or in the news... and it was the exact bit of information/event/discovery that was needed for the next part of the plot, so a lot of the situations in the book are real events or things... both past and present. I was raised by my grandparents and my grandfather was a full blood Potawatomi who shared his spiritual and tribal heritage with me in an ongoing silent dialogue that remains central to my character today, 50 years and more later. A large part of the book is biographical and, on some occasions, somewhat intimate as to the revelation of what makes a "halfbreed" in the 21st Century tick. Ultimately, The Story is a vision of hope and what might be the salvation of the human experience on planet earth.

“The Story: A Song by Silvercrow” is a mind-altering romp through the parallel worlds of Native American culture and the ancient Near East. Mystery, mysticism, travelogue, cookbook, quest, comedy, no one who enters this kaleidescopic kingdom will emerge the same.

T. Kazanjian

Just finished reading the Story: A Song of Silver Crow...What a great read!  John Le Carre has nothing onSilver Crow! After I started, could not let it go until I finished it. I look forward to further adventures of Charlie and his coherts!

Y. Baruch