The Janus Effect

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Alan Cash

Publisher : Y Lolfa

ABOUT Alan Cash

Alan Cash
Alan Cash is a literacy teacher, teaching English as a foreign language. He traces his love of telling stories to his mother, who used to invent wondrous tales of Pink Chicken and The Marmalade Cat. He has been writing ever since he could hold a pencil, and when he discovered science fict More...



The background to the novel is the rise of the surveillance society and how it could develop in the future.Developments in genetics, following the completion of the Genome Project could give the government and insurance companies greater control over people's lives while the rich might afford "designer babies" fracturing  society. Seceding from from the EU and the constant pressure of immigration could give rise  to a right wing backlash.
It is against this possible future scenario that the Janus Effect is set as well as global warming causing London and the south to be flooded.
Polarisation of the population leads to a military government pitted against a guerilla movement " The People of the Mist" led by the shadowy figure of Loratu.....