Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy

Children's Books, Parenting & Families

By Tina Turbin

Publisher : Imagination Publishing Group

ABOUT Tina Turbin

Tina Turbin
Tina Turbin is a published children's author, writer, researcher, humanitarian and Mom. She wrote her first children’s story at age 16. She has always enjoyed many years of working with and helping children and their families. The Danny the Dragon series (http://DannyTheDragon.com) fulfi More...


See the world through the eyes of a delightful dragon named Danny! His adventures and interactions in this enchanting children's series excite the imagination. The first story, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, is filled with vivid illustrations and a captivating storyline, leaving readers with a smile, while ever so subtly highlighting kindness, positive social interactions and sharing, in a fun, kid-friendly way.  The book is hailed by Children's Literature Specialists and Authors as "a gentle story" and "a delight"; and publicized at www.VirtualBookcase.com as being "a wonderful book to read to young children..." and "...accompanied by really beautiful drawings which will sparkle the imagination."

"Danny the Dragon was an idea I had that I just could not put out of my mind. It evolved when I slept, drove, looked at a child, walked by a child, or even looked at the sky. It was developing beyond my control, and I loved the anticipation of creating the book and the series.” Tina spent a full year interviewing illustrators after writing the first book, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy. She wanted complete control over the development of her own characters, which in many cases one does not get when working with a publisher as a new author. In addition, she found the business had changed dramatically over the years with the evolution of computers and the Internet, not to mention Internet marketing and social networking. “I asked illustrator Aija Jasuna to do one quick sketch of three of my characters, after supplying her with very detailed descriptions of each. Many illustrators supplied lovely sketches during this year, but when Aija’s sketch arrived, I KNEW she was THE ONE! I fine-tuned the characters down to exactly what I wanted, and the more she got to know me and vice versa, the easier and faster we worked. We have become amazing long-distance friends.” Aija Jasuna speaks no English! Tina and Aija worked through a translator, as Aija lives in Latvia, in northern Europe. “We are two souls far apart physically, yet we work as if we were side by side and had been friends forever. There are really no barriers.” This book is the first in the Danny series to be released, along with the upcoming Danny cookbook!

Michael Jung, writer and Children's Literature Specialist wrote that the book contains: "...pleasing dragon pictures", and is "a gentle story that should please fans".

Australian author Susanne Gervay commented, "Tina's work is a delight!"

Koos van den Hout, top Reviewer from www.VirtualBookcase.com said: "A wonderful book to read to young children from. A simple (for adults) yet interesting story accompanied by really beautiful drawings which will sparkle the imagination. I can only imagine young children wanting to hear this story again and again. I am looking forward to new Danny the Dragon books."

"Danny the Dragon is a wonderfully original and enjoyable story. The illustrations are beautiful and filled with yummy detail. A great family book. I highly recommend it." -- Bodhi Elfman, Father and Actor

World-renowned author Judy Blume said: "Tina, Congratulations on getting your first book published!"

Arline Hollingsworth, Children’s Librarian, Pinellas Park Public Library said: “Tina did a great job. There is a moral and a purpose to the story: Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy. She ran a great reading program for the K-5 age group at the Pinellas Park Library; it was really worthwhile to the children, and gave them a chance to participate with Tina and have an opportunity to provide their feedback about the story."

"Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy harks back to a safer, friendlier, more magical space and time the world as seen through the eyes of inquisitive children. The beautiful illustrations perfectly complement the story, which culminates in a satisfying to be continued ending. Who will Danny and Skipper meet next? I for one would like to find out." -- Frank Riemer, Father, Author - Riding the Wave - Pacifican Books

"I was very impressed with Danny the Dragon and the message that he helps promote of politeness and responsibility. Even my six-year-old son grasped this important message. Boys and girls in the primary grades will certainly take a quick liking to this set of friends!" -- Stephen Billhardt, Father, Principal, Cunniff School, Watertown, MA (K-5th)