Shades of Luz

Mystery & Thrillers, Humor, General Fiction

By John Gorman

Publisher : All Things That Matter Press

ABOUT John Gorman

John Gorman
Before John's stories made it into print he snapped the Eyesore of the week for the Queens Ledger. He's author of the novels Shades of Luz and Disposable Heroes. His newly released Fantasy/Adevnture novel The Acolyte & The Amulet is the first of a 6-part Nebilon Series. John's stories  More...


Shades of Luz is a modern day Don Quixote, a picaresque rich in characters searching for love and meaning in an otherwise nutty world. Grad School dropout Benny Fluke goes from stuffed animal peddler to thumb-wrestling champ. He is a monkey trainer, philosopher, wine snob, and a strip club connoisseur. Above and beyond all that he is a romantic at heart and is desperate to win the love of Luz the hot-blooded, ambitious beauty who keeps boomeranging into his life. Something from Luz's past inextricably bonds them together and Benny will not stop until she is his. Their delightful repartee is crisp, witty, and sumptuously engaging.

Many years ago I set off a bookstore's metal detector with a bag full of grocery items. A security guard took a quick peek to see I hadn't pilfered anything. When he saw it was only ginger ale, a loaf of bread, yogurt, and a box of Twinkies he let me go on home. As I walked the street, I wondered what it would be like if this rolled out into an ordeal? What if I was detained for shoplifting and nobody would believe me. What if I'd been imprinting books in my head? That is, if I had a photographic memory and what if that was a crime? It took me a number of years to write "Shades of Luz". I had many failed attempts with other books, but the "Shades of Luz" idea - or at that time "Book Thief" as my file was known kept coming back. I had to write it out of my head. And the book kept evolving as I grew to love my characters deeper and deeper. It became a coming-of-age love story, and a quest for meaning and hope.

"A coming-of-age story that is refreshing to read because it is empty of dyfunctional types of characters."

Weam Namou, author of The Feminine Art and The Mismatched Braid 

"Shades of Luz is a frantic, cockeyed search for love and meaning. This wonderfully odd story introduces us to a marvelously inventive universe with tough guys, loony broads, jazz-playing monkeys and surprises that can change lives."

Karen Heuler, author of The Soft Room

"A charming and original coming-of-age story. As is Hieronymous Bosch and Ralph Bakshi had a love child. Filled with sentences that reel and careen like a roller-coaster ride before they hit you with cartoon punches. You'll be knocked off-balance but eventually you'll be pulled back toward the center, where you'll find a love story with a very big heart."

E.R. Catalano