The Adventures Of Buddy Fairy And Friends

Children's Books

By Kathy Blaylock

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Kathy Blaylock

Kathy Blaylock
Kathy lives in a small town in Virginia, in the Chesapeake Bay area, where she raised her four daughters. She loves writing, and does so in many genres, from poetry, to horror. From children’s books, to romance. From crime drama, to paranormal. In fact, what ever muse hits her, Kathy can More...





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Once upon a bright sunny morning in Fairyland, little Buddy Fairy went out to play. Now Buddy Fairy loved to play with his butterfly net. And he would travel down the country road to a giant meadow of flowers every day, and try to catch a butterfly. But not any butterfly would do, he just had to have the magnificent purple moonshine butterfly, the tiniest fairy butterfly in all of Fairyland.

As Buddy Fairy traveled down the country road, toward the giant meadow of flowers, something inside told him that today was going to be his lucky day. And just as he came to the fork in the road he met his friend Nay-Nay Rabbit.

“Hey Nay-Nay Rabbit where are you going in such a hurry?”

“Oh I am just chasing my tail, but I can’t seem to catch it.” She replied.

“Oh Nay-Nay Rabbit, you are so silly sometimes. But I bet that I know something you might be able to catch. Would you like to come along with me today?” Buddy Fairy asked, because he knew that he might need her help. After all Nay-Nay Rabbit was the fastest runner in the whole countryside. But she was a girl, and he wasn’t about to let anyone know he wanted a girls’ help.

“Oh I don’t know Buddy Fairy, I was kind of having fun chasing my tail. But I guess that I could come along, just to see what you might decide to do.”

“Great, and trust me Nay-Nay Rabbit, what I have planned is way more fun than chasing your tail.”

“Really, just what do you have planned Buddy Fairy? Please tell me, it’s not anything like we did last time is it?

This book was based on two of my grandchildren, and things they liked, such as my telling them bedtime stories off the top of my head. So began the lives and times of Buddy Fairy and friends.