Stop the world, I need to pee!

General Fiction

By Cindy Vine

Publisher : Booksurge

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Cindy Vine
Teacher, single mother, all-time survivor, author, world traveler, your basic standard global citizen who loves to write.  I'm currently living in Tanzania and am the author of the self-help book Fear, Phobias and Frozen Feet, as well as the novels Stop the world, I need to pee!  The Cas More...



“Men, always bloody men,” Fenella sighed, “Bottom line is, it always comes down to a man.  It doesn’t matter if it’s because of love or money.  You’re either running to a man, running after a man, or running away from a man.”


'Stop the world I need to pee', is an ordinary woman's hilarious and sometimes tragic journey to find love, adventure and a better life.  Set in Southern Africa it moves from the final days of the apartheid era in South Africa, to the present.


Fenella Fisher is not beautiful or blessed with extraordinary talents or gifts.   Fenella Fisher is an ordinary woman, not unlike the girl next door or a woman you might work with.  However, Fenella appears to live her life going from crisis to crisis.  Things just seem to happen to her, and instead of letting them get her down, Fenella always lifts herself out of the mess, or ends up having the last laugh.  In Stop the world I need to pee, Fenella embarks on a rollercoaster ride through life, searching for love and the dream man – who always turns out to have flaws, as well as a better life for her children.  On her journey, Fenella encounters con-artists, crazy sickos, other women's husbands and a few genuinely nice people who become her lifelong friends.  You might love her, or hate her, but you won’t deny the fact that Fenella’s escapades, some a little raunchy, will have kept you entertained.

I am one of those unfortunate people that has things happen to them all the time. It's like I'm a crisis magnet. Over the years, many people have suggested that I write a book about my adventures. As I love writing, I thought, why the hell not. And, Fenella Fisher was born. A character, that uncanny as it may seem, has many adventures surprisingly similar to mine. For anyone who likes a laugh, and has escaped from sticky situations and marital abuse, then this book will be the one for you. “When I’m on my deathbed one day, I want to be able to say, I have lived my life to the fullest.” Fenella Fisher.

Life's Bitter Sweet for Fenella, May 4, 2009 Ms. Vine creates a character who totally represents the modern female of the species. The reader can delve between the lines and the sexual jaunts to wonder at the thoughts and feelings of women and of their life choices.
All people take a left instead of a right somewhere in their lives and Fenella does just that on more than one occasion. Appearances and reality, charismatic personalities and the underlying human need; `to be loved', reveal a bitter sweet comedy of errors on Fenella's part. Many readers will laugh, many will raise their eyebrows over some of the frolicking, but most will finish the book hoping that love will conquer all for Fenella. A fun read with an underlying question for us all. Looking forward to Fenella's next adventure.
Jackie Collins meets International Schools, April 21, 2009 This is a fun easy read. You will laugh and possibly cry as you read through the story of Fenella. I have to admit that she is one tough lady and nothing can seem to get her down. The story flows well and by the end it becomes a real page turner as you want to find out what happens to Brendan. It was interesting to learn about the people, events of Southern Africa as Fenella is a person that does not stay in a place for too long and always has a good story to tell. My advice: don't mess with Fenella. I'm looking forward to see how things turn out for her in New Zealand