Good English Guide for Advanced Learners

Education & Textbooks

By Tiongho Poh

Publisher : Poh Tiong Ho

ABOUT Tiongho Poh

tiongho poh
Mechanical Engineer specialized on Oil & Gas and publish my own books.



This book consists of over 3000 basic English words a person will need to speak and write fluently for his or her profession. Review all those words you learned before, speak and write Standard English, be admired and respected.

To prepare good curry, you need kitchen utensils and the basic ingredients like chilies, onion, ginger, garlic, cumin seed, coconut milk etc. Likewise, to prepare for the English paper of the General Certificate of Education ( SPM etc), you will need to know a number of basic English words. These words are listed in this book and each word is explained in details to indicate its meaning beyond any doubt. Each word is explained in details and is accompanied by a full sentence to bring out its meaning beyond any doubt. Speak and write Standard English. Command respect and admiration, be confident and effective. Express your ideas clearly. For Asians who wish to buy my Singapore edition, which is cheaper, please contact me by email. You may also download this book at: