The Final War and 3001--Birth of a Political Renaissance

ABOUT Priscilla Herochik

Priscilla Herochik
I wrote The Final War and 3001 because I care about humanity.   This world is in our hands.   We have to protect it in our thoughts and in our deeds.  Without our intervention, intolerance could lead to the ultimate catastrophe--a war between Christianity and Islam bringing Earth to  More...



What would happen if unrestrained religious fanaticism expanded worldwide? Could two religious zealots―a self-aggrandizing Baptist preacher and a Catholic Cardinal scheming to become Pope―subvert our Constitution and rule with Biblical dogma? Add the enemy of Christianity--Islamic despots from the Middle East and Africa-- to this terrifying scenario, and we have the war to end all wars. In Priscilla Herochik’s convincing and unsettling futuristic political novel, The Final War and 3001: Birth of a Political Renaissance, these scenarios unfold with disturbing ease. This novel compels us to think hard about where our world is heading. It reminds us of the need to pay close attention to those countries, including our own, where organized religion overwhelms and dictates to the citizenry. In this two-part novel, we see the devastation of global war, then the struggle for humankind to recreate society one thousand years later. Will they create a world that is better than the one left behind? The story is fascinating; the message is utterly imperative.