Shawn Healed By God

Children's Books

By Lois Banks

Publisher : Uniquely Reading Publishng

ABOUT Lois Banks

Lois Banks
My name is Lois Michelle Banks and I'm a licensed practical nurse and owner of a Christian Publishing company called Uniquely Reading Publishing.  I have four children and I love encouraging people to trust in God.  I currently have an infomercial with the Black Shopping Channel and my i More...


Shawn Healed By God is an inspirational health book for children.  This special health book will teach the biblical principals of health.  Shawn is a very sick child who applys the instructions written in the Bible and learns how to consume clean organic foods.  Shawn is completly healed at the end of the book and he gives thanks to God!

As a licensed nurse I see the need to teach people how to apply the biblical truths written in the Bible for healing. God is the healer and He provided healing in the written word of God for humankind. I love to encourage people to trust in God and the instructions that are written for humankind. As a licensed nurse I've seen a lot of people healed because they made dietary changes and formed a relationship with God. It is my prayer tht the information written inside of the book will bless your life and ecourage humankind to believe!  I also won the best author award through the Black Shopping Channel.