Dezzer the Gasser

Children's Books

By Lorraine Florido

Publisher : Thinkus Publishers

ABOUT Lorraine Florido

Lorraine Florido
Lorraine Florido made her writing debut with
Dezzer the Gasser and went on to write Hugo
the Punk, a humorous chapter book for young
and old punks alike. She is a graduate of Florida
International University and has founded a series of successful businesses with her More...


Humorous Children's picture book, illustrated by former notable Disney Animator, John Ewing whose credits include: The Original Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, Winnie the Pooh, and The Sword and the Stone.

Reading ages 5-8. International Distribution through Baker & Taylor.
Library distribution offered through Quality Books, Brodart Co. and Follett.

Q’s & A’s With the Author Q: Where did you get the idea to write this book? A: It was two days before Christmas of 2007 and my third child Dezi, which was about 3 months at the time, was napping in his baby swing. As he swung we heard a loud pop (gas) come from him, causing the baby swing to sway furiously. It led to quite a bit of laughter from my other two children…and laughter is a good thing- as it undoubtedly adds to a peaceful, sibling fight-free environment. I immediately whipped out my laptop and began writing a story of a little gassy baby for no other purpose then to make my children laugh more; they did, so I decided to pursue publishing the story. Q: What did you enjoy most about writing the book? A: I would say it was the opportunity to work with the illustrator, John Ewing. It was quite an enchanting experience, and an honor working with such a brilliant artist. He was very motivational, intelligent, witty and quite fun to work with. He is in New Zealand and I’m in South Florida. We have never met and all communication was done over the internet. Despite the incredible geographical distance, there was quite a bit of creativity being transplanted back and forth as the story flourished. You could say the creative journey was a rewarding experience. Q: What did you hope to accomplish by publishing your book? A: After stepping back from a career in the performing arts to be “my kid’s mom”, I very much missed the creative environment. I hope to inspire many women choosing to prioritize their family to continue participating in their passion or purpose in a manageable and flexible scope. Secondly, I aim to bring laughter to many, many children. Q. Why Breast Cancer? A: I wanted to pick a charity women could relate to. The decisive factor came when I learned that the project manager working on Dezzer the Gasser, Penny Johnson, had lost her mom when she was just six to Breast Cancer.

Dezzer the Gasser is a wonderful book that is original, very well-written, engaging, and quite entertaining. On top of that -- the icing on the cake -- Dezzer is beautifully illustrated by John Ewing, who worked on many classic Disney films including Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, and Winnie the Pooh. Without giving away all the details of the story, the book follows the adventures of Dezzer -- a baby born with a remarkable and hilarious talent. This remarkable talent creates all sorts of mayhem in his family's life. However, in the end, it also saves the day. This is the perfect book to read to your young child, and it is also great as an early reader. I highly recommend it!
~Peter Economy Author of 45 books including Writing Children's Books For Dummies

Dezzer is an ordinary baby with extraordinary flatulence that is the bane and embarrassment of his long suffering family -- until the family encounter a bear in the cabin where they are vacationing. A rollicking fun and funny story by Lorraine Florido, "Dezzer The Gasser" is illustrated in true Disney style by former Disney animator and artist John W. Ewing. The result is an original and simply hilarious picture book that will be wildly popular with its young readers!
~Midwest Book Review

Full of delightful humor Florido's story will have the readers rolling with laughter. Bright and colorful illustrations done by Disney artist John Ewing, fill every page. Dezzer is a loveable character with a gassy problem that will capture the heart of the reader. An amusing tale that kids will easily relate to Dezzer the Gasser is a sheer delight for the young Captain Underpants fans.
~Taja Alkoriji, Librarian, Supervisor Youth Services Weston, Florida