Do Babies Go To Heaven?, Why Does God Allow Suffering?

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By Jack Wellman

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Jack Wellman
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Do babies go to heaven if they die? What about infants, still borns, young children, & special needs children? And do pets go to heaven? Also, why does God allow suffering in the world? I found answers in the Bible to address these important issues. There is evidence that babies do go to heaven if they die prematurely.  And the answers to these questions are found in the Bible.

When a young friend lost their young child in a premature death, they wondered if that child would go to heaven or go to hell, since only those who accept Jesus Christ as Savior can be saved for eternity (Acts 16:30-31) so I researched the Bible to find the answers. And I found examples of it. No child, baby, infant or even special needs child is responsible for not accepting Christ as savior when they are not able to understand it. There is a special dispensation of grace from God that babies do go to heaven. The answers are found in the Bible. This brings comfort to anyone who has lost a yound child or baby. They will see them again...if they accept Christ and join them in joyous renunion in heaven some day. Oh, happy day! : - )