Annie Tibit's Christmas Dreams

ABOUT Luiza Wright

Luiza Wright
Maria Luiza Laurentino Wright is Brazilian. She is a beautician/cosmetologist, specializing in skin care, but is not consistently practicing her profession as she is travels with her husband, William Killen Wright, an Irish American, who is the founding pastor of a non-denominational evang More...



Annie Tibit’s Dreams of Christmas was written not just as another children’s story book. Its purpose is rather to supply children with a well written color illustrated story book based on Bible truth which they can indentify with as they are drawn into the story through the dreams of a little girl. The adventures of Annie in her dreams makes the stories come to life as she participates in the details.

To enhance the imagine of the child an Activity Section has been added which invites the child to share their thoughts with Annie, give them drawings of the stories to color-in and  questions to prompt their memory and allow them to express their thoughts. To top the experience of the child’s adventure they are also invited to participate in a competition with the possibility of winning a prize. The author’s wish is that the child will learn with Annie to love Jesus Christ by learning to know Him better.

This two-in-one book is one of a kind which can be used by parents, and teachers, to educate their child, or children, in a fun loving way. It will lead them to a better understanding of what the Bible is really all about and the dream book can be kept as a lasting witness to their identification with Annie and the Bible characters she dreamt about.

Other Annie Tibit dream books will follow in a series so that the Bible’s precious stories can all be covered and, who knows, if one of the children who own an Annie Tibit book,  will also, in a  future book, go along with Annie in one of her adventuress dreams