General Fiction

By D. J. Stephens

Publisher : Infinity Publishing


ABOUT D. J. Stephens

D. J. Stephens
  I live in Elgin, IL, a suburb of Chicago with my wife of over forty years. I spent nearly ten years (nine years, ten months, eight days) in the Army. While on active duty in the Service, I competed nationally with a Division Rifle Team and was a member of a Post Skydiving Team. More...



In this sequel to – HALO – The year is 1965 - Jeff Barkil leads a six man team of highly trained special service operatives on a mission – Code Name –“Tarnished Halo” to terminate two of the Golden Triangles top drug lords.  The problem, the drug lords are to be attending a meeting across the Burmese border in China.  The team’s radio is destroyed during a river crossing early in the mission leaving them with no contact to the outside world.  The team has to fight their way across the jungles of Laos and North Vietnam to reach their objective.  Then they must rely solely on their small arms and combat expertise to fight their way back home.  There will be no option of capture or surrender and there will be no rescue operation.