Angels of Faith

Children's Books

By Candy Hough

Publisher : Angel Healing House

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Candy Hough
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“What really happens when we die? Where do we go?”

             Inspired by true events, this insightful story, lovingly told and delightfully illustrated, takes us on a journey with the angels and guides us home again. More than a story just for children, Angels of Faith by Claire Candy Hough (Angel Healing House Publishing) will touch the heart of all ages and teach us all ‘…to not be so afraid of the dark.’

                Having had two near-death experiences as a child, Angels of Faith is more fact than fiction as Candy recounts images and memories of her own journey taken years ago.

The story follows a young girl named Faith whose relationship with her angels and an elderly friend in a nursing home inspires her to awaken others to their own divine light within. Prepare to be enlightened, inspired and uplifted!

I must confess that this book did not formulate as a creative thought or an idea. Nor, for that matter, did I have to linger over storylines, characters or even choices of phrases or words. The manner in which Angels of Faith was presented to me was every bit as captivating and heartwarming as the story held within its pages. In fact, one could say that it is the ‘story within the story.’ While living along the glorious Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, I had risen quite early to continue working on my third book, Love of Self—The Way of the Heart. After writing for a while, I became aware of chirping from a Willy Wagtail, a small black and white bird. Not giving it too much attention, I refocused on my writing. After a few minutes of silence, the chirping from this little bird became louder and more frantic. The tone of the chirping seemed to have great urgency, and I got up and followed the sound. The excited chirping was coming from our unused outside clothesline. As I peered out of the window, I saw that the little Willy Wagtail had built a nest in the framework of the clothesline and was sitting on some eggs. Even though I came very near to the window, this little bird looked me straight in the eye and was frantically trying to tell me something. I was mesmerized as I stood there and listened. As the bird’s chirping subsided, I walked back to my computer to continue writing. Yet when I repositioned my fingers on the keyboard, my fingers magically began to type out a new, very different story. I watched in amazement as the words effortlessly filled page after page and reflected the story that the little bird had urged me to write. After channeling this touching story, I sat and read it as tears rolled down my cheeks. The little bird had wanted me to write the story of Angels of Faith to remind others of where they come from and the journey we all get to take. Claire Candy Hough

5.0 out of 5 stars Angels of Faith, November 14, 2009
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'Angels of Faith' by Claire Candy Hough is a rare book that touched me deeply and, each time I read it, evokes a sense of rememberance and longing for my true home. As a school teacher and grandparent I use picture books to initiate conversations with children to deepen their level of awareness and understanding of their own inner strengths. This book has definitely become one of my favourites. My almost 3 year old grandaughter's awareness of, and interest in, angels has emerged through the beautiful illustrations throughout the book. But the beauty of this book is its ability to 'speak' to the reader whatever their age. There are so many important and comforting messages woven throughout this enlightening story that can help us as parents, carers or friends to answer many questions when a loved one moves on. I love this book for its simplicity and its depth. It is a true gift to humanity.