The Medallion - Book One - The Prophecy

ABOUT Sunni Morris

Sunni Morris
I write fantasy books primarily although I have a couple other things in the works.



            This medieval fantasy follows the lives of Alana and Anwen, two sisters from a peasant family who enjoy their peaceful lives until raiders attack.  The hamlet burned to the ground, their parents murdered, the girls are left to survive alone.  The only object Anwen could rescue is a mysterious medallion which once belonged to a wizard.


Raiders capture, rape and enslave Alana, ultimately selling her to another criminal.  Sick and broken she finally escapes and ends up at an inn where she begins to see a glimmer of hope for a better future.


Anwen struggles to her grandmother’s village where she is trained in the healing arts.  She is tormented by visions of her sister in the hands of the raiders.  She begins to suspect the medallion has powers that will help her find Alana.  Anwen eventually goes on a quest to discover what the symbols mean.


The Medallion’s characters face their challenges with determination and courage.  Will Anwen discover the secret behind the Medallion?  Will Alana find a better life?  Will the sisters be reunited?


This gripping and extensively researched historical fantasy of human courage in the middle ages focuses on a fascinating time in history due to upheaval that can change things in an instant.  Adult fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s work will enjoy this story about strength and ingenuity of women from ancient times.


Since childhood the author has been a fan of fairy tales and magical stories.  Anwen and Alana have long moved the author’s spirit to tell their story.

I’m quite a fan of King Arthur and the tales of those times. I became very interested in the Middle Ages and wanted to write a book about people living in that time in history.

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