Pirate Code

General Fiction

By Helen Hollick

Publisher : Discovered Authors

ABOUT Helen Hollick

Helen Hollick
Do you like novels about Pirates? Then this be the place for 'ee!  I am Helen Hollick author of the Sea Witch Series, starring that charmer of a rogue Cpt Jesamiah Acorne.

Come aboard and enjoy his exciting adventures!

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The second Voyage in the Sea Witch Series
Ex pirate, Captain Jesamiah Acorne is in trouble. Big Trouble. All he wants is to marry his girl, the White Witch Tiola Oldstagh and live contented aboard his ship, but his hopes tumble about him when war is declared with Spain and he finds himself mixed up in spying for the British Government.

"In the sexiest pirate contest, Jesamiah Acorne gives Johnny Depp's Cpt Jack Sparrow a run for his money." Sharon Penman.