Let's Talk About Brains

Children's Books

By Joan E. Gosier

Publisher : HBCU kidz, Inc.

ABOUT Joan E. Gosier

Joan E. Gosier
Oh...about me.  I am much more than a resume or curriculum vitae,  yet I declare that I am finally free.  

Well I used to have an inside joke going shortly after graduating from HBCU Hampton University and observing how things seemed to work in corporate America...I used to  More...


Many children wonder, "How do I master self-control in my classroom?" My elementary school uses a tool that rewards behavior that is "on green". This means that you behaved well and completed your tasks. My mommy and I developed this little book to help other children "get on green" each day!

My 6 year old daughter enjoyed watching me publish my first book, "Cotton Pickin' Paycheck" and declared that she too wanted publish her thoughts.