Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise

ABOUT Dan Holloway

Dan Holloway
Year Zero Writer; Organiser of the Free-e-day indie culture festival; blogger promoting the interests of readers and writers throughout the world and cyberspace; futurologist of publishing. Songs from the Other Side of the Wall is available in all e-formats for free and as a paperback for £7.98


The second anthology from Year Zero Writers, this collection of flash, short fiction, and essays represents the individual responses of the Year Zero Writers to a very simple question, "Can an author evoke a reader's pain?"

The anthology forms the basis of the forthcoming live tour, the central event in which is a words and music gig at Rough Trade Records, Brick Lane on Feb 4th at 6.30pm with readings from Daisy Anne Gree, Penny Goring, Dan Holloway, Larry Harrison and Marc Nash, and music from InLight, Jessie Grace, and To The Moon

Year Zero Writers are devoted to providing the very best contemporary literary fiction, and pushing literature to its limits. The 20 writers from 8 countries have produced 7 self-published novels in 2009, and have already held two highly successful live gigs. Devoted to direct engagement with their readers, the group's website features new fiction and articles every day.

"A great example of an online literary zine, revamped as a blog. And it's cool!" Nylon Blog