What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Mike Bailey

Publisher : Self Published at LuLu.com

ABOUT Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey
I'm a tattoo artist, piercer, Wiccan, trike enthusiast, artist, painter, writer, sword collector and much, much more...


Resident Evil meets Reign of Fire with a little Jurassic Park for flavoring, What Have We Done?  The Dragon Chronicles explores the depths of human arrogance under the presumption of technological advancement.  As the occupants of The Facility, a secret underground lab, found out for themselves, the desire to advance as a race should be tempered with wisdom... Otherwise, the results could be catastrophic!

Thank you for previewing my book!!! Blessed Be, Mike Bailey

“I thought this was a great book.  It maintains a flare of reality while provoking one's imagination to explore the farthest reaches of science fiction.”  -Anonymous


“Imaginative, enticing, captivating and a little bit erotic!  Mike Bailey crosses spectacular sci-fi with a little bit of the steamy eroticism of a romance novel” – Joseph Werth,  Small Town Critique