Grandma What Is Cancer?

Children's Books

By MJ Daley-Prado

Publisher : Lulu

ABOUT MJ Daley-Prado

MJ Daley-Prado
MJ is an award winning illustrator and writer from Maryland. She has written several children's books including the Grandma What Is Cancer? and her newest release Piggie Wiggie's Great Adventure. MJ has also written her first non-fiction novella entitled Borrowed Time. MJ recently her st More...



Susie's Mommy has cancer.Susie asks "Grandma,What is Cancer?" Grandma,What Is Cancer explains what cancer is in a light-hearted approach.This book has illustrations and easy to follow text that will help young children to get a better grasp of this debilitating disease.If you have ever experienced such a devastating illness than you know first hand how beneficial this book will be to young children.

After having been through two major experiences with cancer Ms. Daley-Prado decided it was time for her to take matters into her own hands and do something about it. When this devastating disease struck her sister's family in 1998, her sister had four small children at the time. Her sister's children were between the ages of 4 and 12. Her own daughter was just three at the time. The family went searching for material to help explain cancer in terms the children could understand. Unfortunately, the materials they found were all about "doom and gloom". They were not about living; they were about the end and dying. They could not find any type of illustrated books or material for young children. They could not find exactly what they were looking for to present to their young children. MJ decided it was time to address this topic and write a book for children. Many times, she tried however, grief kept getting in the way. Cancer came knocking again in 2003 this time claiming her Mother's life. Before her Mother passed, she promised her Mom she would write a book to help children. So, with that said,"this is how this journey began..." MJ wrote and illustrated, "Grandma, What Is Cancer?" She wanted to do more though and so she devoted 50% of the proceeds to be split between two organizations in honor of her Mother and Sister.

Oct. 15, 2009 By mary jo prado
"Grandma,What Is Cancer?"
“Grandma, What is Cancer by M.J.Daley-Prado is a book written to help children understand what happens to people while undergoing cancer treatment. This is an important issue for many children today. Truthful and to the point Ms.Daley-Prado makes it clear to children that cancer patients have a long rough road to recovery and that the ultimate outcome is in the hands of God. Cancer is a frightening experience for everyone and children need to be prepared not sheltered and this book will help clarify many of the concerns of children who cancer is affecting their lives. 5 stars to M.J.Daley-Prado and “Grandma,What is Cancer?” LM Owens, Author of Darius Prince of Legend. ...
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