Ambushed and Abused

Parenting & Families

By Aquanetta Murray

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ABOUT Aquanetta Murray

Aquanetta Murray
After 16 years of being a secretary, I ended up checking into my creative side.  I was at a PTA meeting at my son's high school and when the students left the parents, who I thought were parents were actually students!!!  That's when the idea for this book came to me.

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The fictional story about the real problem of date or association rape told by different women.

The books primary intention was to be pamphlet to be handed out at local schools so teens who beginning to or already dating but as writing continued a small handbook was formed. There are no books written on this subject. It's like people don't want to acknowledge that these things happen....well, I brought the subject to light and if it helps even one person then I know that I have done my part. When are you going to do yours?