ABOUT David Lucero

David Lucero
I live in San Diego, CA with my wife of 20 + years. We have 1 son who we are very proud of and love very much. We enjoy camping, hiking, biking, and traveling.
THE SANDMAN is my first published novel and placed 1st Runner-up for Fiction in the Military Writer's Society of America's 20 More...



THE SANDMAN is a timely and riveting political thriller about a saboteur on a mission to destroy the nuclear reactor in Iran. When three explosions occur deep in the bowels of the underground nuclear facility in Iran all efforts are made to stave off disaster. All hope of saving their first nuclear power plant is diminished when the Iranian nuclear scientists and military learn a saboteur is the cause of this tragedy and has taken command of the control room that accesses coolant needed to stop a fuel core meltdown.
When a brilliant, ambitious Iranian military officer takes command of the situation it becomes a match of wits as the saboteur and officer battle each other in the dark corridors of the underground facility. Little do they know a female Mossad agent is tracking the saboteur's actions with orders to call for an Israeli airstrike should the saboteur fail in his mission. But when an impetuous Mossad agent decides to send the planes to destroy the facility a vicious air battle over the Persian Gulf takes place as the pilots race toward their objective.
As the clock ticks on the saboteur realizes his hopes of making good an escape are greatly diminished, but he is compelled to see through his assignment to the end because of a burning desire to live by the motto,  the mission always comes first.

Since I was 14 years old I have always wanted to be a writer. A published writer that is. I chose to write THE SANDMAN because I love reading action, adventure, military, and suspense novels. As I was researching what type of story to write I read an article about how the West was upset over Iran's nuclear program and this was my inspiration to come up with a clandestine story that readers would find relevant with today's theme. The action that takes place in my book is fictional, but certain events similar to my story have already taken place and will leave readers wondering not if, but when this will actually happen. An interesting point you will find in my book is that depending on the reader's view, my main character could be hero or anti-hero. I'll let you decide. Keep on reading and I'll keep on writing! David Lucero