Rage Against the Dying Light

ABOUT Margaret Marr

Margaret Marr
Margaret Marr grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina where she spent her summers reading and making up romantic stories in her head. A healthy interest in the supernatural and unexplained led her to writing mystery, paranormal, horror, and young adult fiction laced with romanc More...



After a bitter dispute with his father, Billy Riker left town ten years ago with no intentions of returning. His only sorrow was leaving his grandmother behind. Age and maturity crept up on him, so he heads home to Hayton County eager to see his grandmother and give his life a do-over. Maybe he should have stayed away. Billy stumbles into a thief’s den and ends up in a dark place with two bullet holes in him—and no one, but the person who put him there, knows where he is.

Rush Bizner is no stranger to pain. As a career soldier he’s seen and felt plenty of it. But now, he also feels the physical pain of victims in serious trouble. This time it’s bullets in the thigh and shoulder. As the Creepers—dark shadows stalking the near dead—drift closer to the grave of a victim’s relative in the cemetery next to his home, Rush once again enlists the help of Brody Rhodes and Helena Page to find the victim before death claims its victory.