Revenats : Fallen Savior

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Ryan Sherwood
Unable to recall a time when he wasn’t writing or drawing, Ryan earned a degree from Columbia College Chicago in both subjects to evolve his art addictions into a career. When not working as a graphic designer in the Chicago suburbs, Ryan spends his time immersed in books, comics, movies More...



With the end of a life, a revenant’s begins. Vilified as vampires, revenants exist as burdened souls, open to the purest and most polluted power ever known – the human spirit.

Revenants are the undead brought to life by a soul. A soul they can see all the past lives of and use against others in every way imaginable. Whole cultures are built around the soul and the believes that come with it. Some are holy and some are vicious. All are powerful and they war over the souls of all kind. Revenants: Fallen Savior is the first in a series.

This, the first in a series, is seriously good. Sherwood seems to have grown into his own with Revenants; you can hear the passion and conviction on every page. The difficult blend of sustaining intensity without losing depth of character or loss of descriptive prose is well achieved here. The world of the undead could be said to have been done to death, but Sherwood offers us something fresh and exciting, with an alternative beginning, a mystery behind their creation and the more subtle notion of an afflicted sub-race filled with past lives’ pain, memories and emotions. Sherwood has clearly poured his heart and soul into Revenants – and it shows – this is an immaculately presented, well constructed story, but most importantly it is a hugely entertaining read. "The Truth about"

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