Oh, Ghost

General Fiction

By Zack Orsborn

Publisher : CreateSpace

Oh, Ghost

ABOUT Zack Orsborn

Zack Orsborn
I'm a sixteen year old writer and graphic designer from a small town in Mississippi. Oh, Ghost is my first novel. You can learn for about me at zackorsborn.com.



Enter Jude, a far-from-exultant ghost who cannot grasp his past or how he died. Upon meeting Violet, a dead, yet audacious philosopher, a cunning machination is formed: to haunt the lives of the stars in that glorious, promised land of Hollywood. With a list of twenty-nine celebrities, the two ghosts set out to cross each off. During their first haunting, they meet Genevieve Duncan, an outdated actress who can see them. Her mastermind thickens the plot as she meticuolousy plans each haunting with things such as writing prophetic messages in fire and breaking what all celebrities depend on, mirrors.  
Because of these three, America's pop culture dims dramatically. As each star fades, so does the essence of Hollywood.