Science Fiction & Fantasy

By David Simpson

Publisher : IUniverse (April 15, 2009)

ABOUT David Simpson

David Simpson
David Simpson has a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of British Columbia and he lives in Vancouver, Canada. He was born in Northern Ireland and is the son of a Northern Irish Catholic father and a Scottish Protestant mother. He comes from a long line of writers i More...


The future should have been perfect. Microscopic robots known as nans could repair any damage to your body, keep you young by resetting your cellular clocks, and allow you to download upgrades like intelligence, muscle strength, and eyesight. You were supposed to be able to have anything you wanted with a simple thought, to be able to fly without the aid of a machine, to be able to live forever. But when a small group of five terraformers working on Venus return to Earth, they discover that every other human in the solar system has been gruesomely murdered. Now, James Keats and his four companions must discover what happened to the rest of humanity and fight back if they wish to avoid the same, horrifying fate. Welcome to the post-human era.

"An exciting ride through the pleasures and pains of the future" --Wilhelm Emilsson PhD, Douglas College.

"A lean, hardboiled action-driven narrative with mystery and romance" --Gisele Baxter PhD, The University of British Columbia.

"You will never again happily or thoughtlessly download anything or use an ‘intelligent’ machine”
Craigh Keating PhD, Langara College