The Essence of Love


By Alessandrina Lerner

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Alessandrina Lerner

alessandrina lerner
Alessandrina Lerner is the author of four books. All 3 of her Poetry books, "The Essence of Love" (Sep'09), "Spiritual Metamorphosis" (Feb'10) and "Have You Seen My Childhood" (Mar'10) are adorned with beautiful illustrations made by the author's daughter, a p More...


Product Description
"The Essence of Love was born out of the metamorphosis a mother experienced while healing from the hardships of an abusive childhood. With the collaboration of her daughter, it blossomed into a timeless message of love they wish to grow and echo throughout the Universe beyond the illusory boundaries of space and time. If, like us, you yearn for the bliss one finds at the core of love, we invite you to fall into the moment with us to revive a taste of childhood once forgotten? 

As you shed your layers, forget your name and all others, ask yourself what else is there but this moment? That is The Essence of Love? May this be the beginning of a beautiful journey to the core of all that lives and manifests into all worlds? Take a second to close your eyes and center yourself before you dive into? The Essence of Love."

I've been writing poetry ever since I was 8 years old. About a year ago, I decided to go through all the poems I've written over the past 20 years and put together a Collection of all the poems that capture, "The Essence of Love"... As I was getting ready for publication, I thought it would be great idea to complement the poems with beautiful illustrations. Since my 10-year old daughter is a talented upcoming Artist, I asked her to come onboard and be a part of this project. She read all the poems, imbibed herself with their meaning and the overall feeling of unconditional love, and made amazingly beautiful drawings that capture the essence of my poetry and that of love too....

Review by Laura Ann Ford for 

“The Essence of Love” by Alessandrina Lerner

The Essence of Love by Alessandrina Lerner is unique collection of poetry and songs, conveying a message of love, hope and healing.  These simple pieces inspire the reader to meditate on the love that bonds us together instead of the hatred and anger that tears the world apart.  Adorned with beautiful artwork created by Alessandrina’s young daughter, this book would make a wonderful gift for art and poetry lovers alike.  I give it four hearts… an easy and uplifting read.

-Laura Ann Ford, Author of McCullen

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