Mein est/ten/ten® Verbbuch von A bis Z

Education & Textbooks

By Matthew Ruppert

Publisher : Teacher's Discovery

ABOUT Matthew Ruppert

Matthew Ruppert
I have been a German teacher for 18 years. I currently live in Paxton, Massachusetts with my wife Greta and 3 sons Alexander, Timothy, and Jacob. I keep myself busy with basketball, golf, and family. 



Are your German students struggling with German verb conjugation? Mein est/ten/ten Verbbuch von A bis Z by Matthew Ruppert, published by Teacher’s Discovery, Inc., will turn conjugation into a fun experience.Mein est/ten/ten Verbbuch von A bis Z is a creative, colorful approach to teaching a basic language skill that combines beautiful watercolor illustrations with Herr Ruppert’s trademark verb tree cleverly woven into each illustration. Each illustration, with themes from nature to sports to recreation, is designed to appeal to beginning German students with bright, colorful scenes and images that kids enjoy. The book includes several exercises and a dice game. “The watercolors and verb tree are a gorgeous way to teach a difficult area. We're thrilled to add this full-color verb book to our German catalog,” says Marsha Stopa, foreign language book publisher for Teacher’s Discovery.This unique book will become a staple in your classroom for years to come. It’s a must-have resource for teachers looking for an easy, fun-filled way to teach beginning German verb conjugation.

A simple successful classroom idea that took years to refine. I had many students over the years say that they were going to steal this verb tree idea and make a lot of money off it. I told them that would be very flattering. It was fun to see this evolve from a simple sketch to a poster and ultimately to its current form. I am very excited to be able to share this vision with many teachers and students alike. Viel Spaß beim Lesen und Viel Spaß beim Lehren!!