If I Never

General Fiction

By Gary Murning

Publisher : Legend Press

ABOUT Gary Murning

Gary Murning
Gary is a novelist living in the northeast of England. His work, largely literary fiction, focuses on themes that touch us all — love, death, loss and aspiration — but always with an eye to finding an unusual angle or viewpoint. Quirky and highly readable, his writing aims to entertain More...


If I Never centres on the growing love between two "social misfits". Clearly "meant for each other" in a most unusual way, the world and those around them threaten to pull them apart... the two drawn into the complicated lives of friends, consumed by unfolding mysteries and dangers.

If I Never was written at a time in my life when I was very determined to write the novel that I wanted to write, rather than the novels I've been told I should be writing. I very consciously broke many so-called writing rules and, to a degree, stuck two fingers up at those who said I couldn't write this kind of novel and get it published. I wrote it and the first publisher I sent it to accepted it. A lesson there for all aspiring writers!

"[If I Never is] a book with a mind as well as a heart, and is all the better for it." -- Able Magazine.


"If I Never is a novel as dark as the late British afternoon in winter. As rich as blood sausage, and as satisfying as a full English breakfast." -- Gregg Farley, innovation consultant and author of Jack's Notebook.